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It is a Dashboard that allows you to review all the open Pull Requests from your organizations and leave the classic "LGTM" comment.


The process of reviewing Pull Requests demands time. If you could review a Pull Request, using only 2 clicks, the process will be faster, and remember, time is money!


  • Filter by private or public repo.
  • Filter by organization.
  • Sort by Pull Request's submission date.
  • Review the Pull Request's diff.
  • Add LGTM comment with a simple click.
  • Read the comments.

Open Source?

Sure thing! Here at Crowd Interactive we love and support the community! If you have an idea, but you feel lost, please take a look at the Github's API , if it is possible, there should be the answer.


Feel free to fork the project and adjust it to your own needs. Here is the repository.


Did you develop a killer feature? Found a nasty bug and fixed it? Share your code with us, send us a Pull Request.